iOS - Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft has just released the Office Mobile App for iPhone Only. This app will allow users to create and edit Office documents on there iPhone and save the documents back to SharePoint. Microsoft has said there will be no iPad app, but, you can install this app on your iPad, it will just be rendered as an iPhone App. To get the App, go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for "Office Mobile"

Once the app is downloaded to the phone. Open the app and click Sign In, under the "I have an Office 365 Subscription". Users must have an Office 365 subscription. if you do not, please contact AppRiver to get you signed up.

On the next screen, type in your email address that is associated with your Office 365 account. Hit Next.

On this next screen, you want to click on "Organizational Account".

Then you want to use your Email address and password associated to your Office 365 account. Once you enter your email address and password, click Sign in.

Once you sign in, you will be able to see your documents that are stored in SharePoint or you can even click "New" and create new documents and they will be stored in your SharePoint site.