iOS - SharePoint NewsFeed

The SharePoint news feed app is a great app that you can use on an iPhone,iPad, or iPod Touch. The app allows you to stay in contact with the documents or people that you follow on your SharePoint site. Once you download the app and install it, just launch it and lets configure it.

Launch the app and click Sign In

Next, you want to use your Email address as your Username, then your password, and put the URL for your SharePoint site. If you do not know your URL, log into your Microsoft Portal, click "Sites" on the top right, then click "Team Site". The URL should look something like That is all you need to put in the URL box.

Once the app signs in ,you should be on the "Following" tab. Here, you can see the updates to the documents or people you are following.You can swipe to the right to see the "Everyone" pivot, then Mentions, Activities and so on.

If you click the 3 horizontal lines on the top left, next to the word "SharePoint", you will see all the pages on your mysite. You can navigate between your documents, Newsfeed, people, About me, and Settings.

Microsoft has a really good article on this so no need to recreate one. Please visit this link for more information on this SharePoint app.