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How to Move a OneNote Notebook from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business

Scenario: You currently have a notebook setup on your personal OneDrive called “TestingODFBMove” that you wish to move to your OneDrive for Business main Documents folder under your main Document library.

1. The first thing you need to do is to obtain the specific location URL where you are wishing to move “TestingODFBMove”. Login to the portal at and go to the specific document library/ODFB library you wish to be the new storage location.


2. To obtain the URL you need for this move you will click on “Library” in the ribbon and then “Library Settings”. Once here you will need to determine the correct path to this location. Typically you will truncate the /Forms/All.aspx from the URL.

3. Open up OneNote and ensure that your client is connected to your Office365 SPO/ODFB by going to File > Account > Connected Services. If you do not see the proper services here click on Add Service and add the SPO/ODFB location.

4. Within OneNote go to File > Info and find the notebook that you wish to move. Click on Settings > Properties. Once you click on Properties you will be given a pop up window with a “Change Location…” button. Click on the change location button and you will be given a file explorer pop up. Within the file explorer pop up you will see a location bar that looks similar to the following.

5. This is where you will need that URL we obtained in step 1. Clear out the location field and paste in the URL that resolves to the specific library and folder where you wish to move this notebook. Once you have the URL in the field hit the enter key and it should navigate the viewing pane to that location. Hit the Select button and you should see a pop up that advises you that the notebook is now synchronizing to the new location.

6. You can verify the synchronization by viewing the notebook location within File > Info. Please be advised that this does NOT actually move the notebook, it copies it to the new location. The notebook will still retain a copy at the original location but will not update because the notebook is no longer synchronizing with that location.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully moved your OneNote Notebook to OneDrive for Business!