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Changing Office Pro Plus Activation Credentials for Windows

Created by: Nathan Mitchell

Note: This article only applies if you need to change your Office Pro Plus activation credentials to another account that has the same Office 365 license as your current account. If you are upgrading or downgrading your Office 365 license you must uninstall Office Pro Plus then re-install Office Pro Plus from the portal of the other account. This is required because different Office 365 licenses provide different levels of Office Pro Plus functionality.

1. Open Microsoft Word > Click your name in the upper right corner then click  Switch Account > Click Sign Out > Click Sign Out next to the account Office Pro Plus is currently activated on then click Yes on the Remove Account window.

2. Close Microsoft Word > In Windows 8.1 or older Click Start > type cmd in the search bar > right-click on the Command Prompt program > click Run as Administrator. In Windows 10 right-click on the Start button > click Command Prompt (Admin).

3. Enter the following text at the command line then press Enter. Note: the first line is for 32-bit Office 2013, the second line is for 64-bit Office 2013, the third line is for 32-bit Office 2016, and the fourth line is for 64-bit Office 2016. If you are unsure of which bit version your Office is simply try the 32-bit version first and if an error occurs stating "The system cannot find the path specified." try the 64-bit version.

cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office15\"

cd "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office15\"

cd "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16\"

cd "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16\"

4. Enter the following text at the command line then press Enter: cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus

Look for a line that reads "LICENSE NAME: Office 15, OfficeO365ProPlusR_Subscription1 edition" or "LICENSE NAME: Office 16, OfficeO365ProPlusR_Subscription1 edition". In this section you should see another line that reads "Last 5 characters of installed product key: RJM6P" (The last 5 characters may be different for you). Note the last 5 characters for step 5.

5. Enter the following text at the command line then press Enter: cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:(5 Characters from step 4)

In our example the exact command would be cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:RJM6P

You should see a notice that says "Product key uninstall successful" as shown below. If another message appears or an error occurs return to step 1. Once you receive the message "Product key uninstall successful" close the command prompt window.

6. In Windows 8.1 or older click Start > Control Panel > Credential Manager. In Windows 10 right-click the Start button > click Control Panel. In the Credential Manager window click Windows Credentials at the top then find all entries that start with "MicrosoftOffice15_Data" or "MicrosoftOffice16_Data" then click the down arrow and click Remove. Once all "MicrosoftOffice15_Data" or "MicrosoftOffice16_Data" entries have been removed reboot your machine.

7. Once your machine restarts click on Microsoft Word and look for an activation prompt as shown below. In the activation window enter the credentials of the other account you want to active Office Pro Plus with then click Next > Enter your password then click Sign in. If Office Pro Plus activates successfully you should see a message that says "Account Updated" and you can click OK.

Note: If you have Skype for Business set to auto-launch an activation prompt may appear when Skype for Business launches. In this case close the activation prompt and continue to Microsoft Word.

If the activation window does not appear after launching Microsoft Word a license key is still stuck on your machine. In this case repeat steps 2 - 7 until the activation prompt appears.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully changed the account used to activate Office Pro Plus on your machine!!!

Created by: Nathan Mitchell