Changing Office Pro Plus Activation Credentials for Mac

This guide will walk you through resetting the activation in Office Pro Plus for Mac and re-activating with an alternate account.

Created by: Nathan Mitchell - AppRiver, LLC

1. All Office Pro Plus applications should be closed before resetting the activation. If you have any Office applications open you can close them by clicking on each application > click the name of the application in the upper left corner of the window > click Quit that is followed by the application name.

The following screen shot shows quitting Outlook.

Created by: Nathan Mitchell - AppRiver, LLC

2. Open Safari then go to On the page that loads click on ""

3. Click I agree on the License Terms of Use window that appears.

4. Click on the Downloads button in Safari to find the Activation TroubleShooter that was downloaded.

5. Hold down the Control key and left click on the ActivationTroubleShooter in the Downloads window then click Open. On the warning message that appears click Open.

6. After the ActivationTroubleshooter runs Outlook may open automatically. If not, click on Outlook to open it.

7. Once Outlook is open click on Outlook in the upper left hand corner then click Activate Office.

8. In the Sign in window type the email address of the alternate account you want to activate Office Pro Plus with then click Next.

9. In the Office window enter the password for the alternate account you entered in step 8 then click Sign in.

10. In the How would you like Office to look? window select the theme you prefer then click Continue.

11. In the You're All Set window click Start Using Outlook.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully changed your Office Pro Plus for Mac activation credentials!!!

Created by: Nathan Mitchell - AppRiver, LLC