Microsoft Authenticator Setup for O365 Accounts

When you're setting up MFA for the first time you can choose to use a Mobile app that receives notifications for verification. This article will walk through the Mobile app setup using an Android device. The steps will be very similar for an iOS device.

1. If you haven't started the MFA setup for your account yet please follow the steps here before proceeding with the Microsoft Authenticator setup: Setting up MFA for your Partner Account

To get started open the App Store on your device then search for "Microsoft Authenticator". Once the Microsoft Authenticator app appears click Install. Once the app finishes installing click Open to continue.

2. Once the Microsoft Authenticator app opens click next through any tutorial prompts then you should land on the Accounts window. Click the + sign to add your first account.

3. On the Add Account window click Work or school account.

4. On the "Allow Authenticator to take pictures and record video?" prompt click Allow.

5. Next you'll be asked to scan the QR code provided for your account. If you can't find the QR code please follow the steps in this article: Setting up MFA for your Partner Account.

6. After scanning the QR code you should see the "Check for notifications" window. Click Got It to move to the next step.

7. To complete the Microsoft Authenticator setup you'll need to click Next on the MFA setup window after scanning the QR code. Next the MFA setup window will say "Let's make sure that we can reach you on your Mobile App device". At this point you should receive a sign in verification request on your mobile device. Simply click Approve to complete the verification. If you're not sure where to find the MFA setup window please see this article first: Setting up MFA for your Partner Account

Congratulations! You have finished setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app for your account. In the future when you sign into this account you'll receive the sign-in verification on your mobile device again. This configuration will help maintain security and prevent unauthorized access to your account.