Creating an App Password for MFA in O365

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps secure O365 accounts and prevents unauthorized access. Most machines, devices, and applications support MFA but some legacy applications may not be able to verify your account using a mobile device. If you're using a legacy application that doesn't support MFA you'll need to use an app password for authentication. This article walks through creating an app password in the O365 portal.

1. Navigate to then sign in with your O365 credentials. You'll more than likely have to confirm your sign in with your mobile device.

2. Once your signed in click the gear icon in the upper right corner then click Update Contact Preferences.

3. Next click the Additional Security Verification button then click Create and Manage App Passwords. NOTE: If you don't see the Create and manage app passwords link your O365 tenant may be using the New Experience and you'll need to follow the steps here instead: Creating an App Password for MFA in O365 (New Experience)

4. In the App Passwords window click Create to create a new app password then enter a name for the password and click Next.

5. In the "your app password" window the new app password will be displayed. You can click Copy Password to Clipboard to copy the password. We recommend saving the app password in a secure location because it can't be displayed again once the window is closed. Once you're finished saving the app password click Close.

Congratulations! You have created a new app password for O365.