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Setting up MFA for your O365 Account (Text Message Code)

Due to recent security requirements from Microsoft, MFA must be enabled for all O365 Partner accounts. Even though MFA is only required for Partner accounts at this time, it is still recommended that MFA be enabled for all O365 users. This article will walk through the steps required to complete the MFA setup for an O365 account.

1. Launch a browser of your choice and navigate to If you see other accounts listed click Use Another Account.

2. Next enter your O365 username then click Next.

3. Next enter your password then click Sign in. If you don't know your password you can use the Forgot my password link or contact your Help Desk for assistance.

4. Next you will likely see a window that says "More Information Required". Click Next on this window.

Note: you'll only see this window if MFA has been  enabled for your account by an Admin. If MFA has not been enabled for  your account please ask your Help Desk or Admin for assistance.

5. Next you should see the "Additional security verification"  window. In the "How should we contact you?" section you can choose  Authentication phone, Office phone, or Mobile app. In this example we will choose Authentication Phone. Next you'll need to select your Country Code then enter your phone number. For method you can choose from "Send me a code by text message" or "Call me". In our example we will choose "Send me a code by text message". Once you've entered your desired settings click Next.

6. Next you'll need to get the verification code sent to your device. Since we chose "Send me a code by text message" in our example we will get the code from a text message.

7. Next we need to enter the code from our device in the Additional security verification window. Once you've entered the code click Verify.

8. Next the Additional  security verification window will provide an app password in case you  use any applications that can't use a phone to secure your account. We  recommend saving the app password in a secure location for later use.  You can always create a new app password at a later time as well. This  article walks you through creating a new app password for O365: Creating an App Password for MFA in O365. Once you're finished with the app password click Done.

Congratulations! You have completed the MFA setup for your O365 account!