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Creating an App Password for MFA in O365 (New Experience)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps secure O365 accounts and prevents unauthorized access. Most machines, devices, and applications support MFA but some legacy applications may not be able to verify your account using a mobile device. If you're using a legacy application that doesn't support MFA you'll need to use an app password for authentication. This article walks through creating an app password in the O365 portal using the new experience.

1. Navigate to then sign in with your O365 credentials. You'll more than likely have to confirm your sign in with your mobile device.

2. Once your signed into O365 open a new tab in your browser then navigate to

3. On the My Sign-Ins page click Security Info then click + Add Method.

4. In the Add a method window click the drop-down then select App password.

5. Once App password is selected in the Add a method window click Add.

6. In the App password window enter a name for the app password then click Next.

7. In the App password window click the copy symbol to copy the app password then save the app password in a secure location. Once you have saved the app password click Done. NOTE: You won't be able to view this app password again so if you lose or forget the app password you will need to create a new one.

Congratulations! You have created an app password for O365.