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Granting AppRiver Delegated Admin Permissions for Office 365

In order for AppRiver to provide Phenomenal Support we need Delegated Admin permissions to your O365 tenant. The Delegated Admin permissions allow us to access your tenant admin centers for the purpose of administration or support. The steps in this article will walk you through granting Delegated Admin permissions. NOTE: you can remove the Delegated Admin permissions at any time and the steps to do that are linked at the end of this article.

1. Navigate to the link provided by your AppRiver representative in a web browser. In our example we will use Microsoft Edge.  

2. Click the Sign in button then enter your Global Admin user name in the Sign in window and click Next. NOTE: If you're already signed into the browser with a Global Admin account you can skip this step.

3. In the Enter password window enter your Global Admin password then click Sign in. If a "Stay signed in?" window appears click Yes or No based on your personal preference.

4. In the Microsoft 365 admin center window you can click terms of delegated administration to learn more about Delegated Administration. Once you've reviewed the terms check the box for "Yes, I have read and understand the terms of delegated administration..." then click Authorize CSP.

5. You should now see "Successfully accepted delegated administration offer" in the Accept Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider invitation window and you can click Close to continue. If you receive a failure message instead of the success message please take a screen shot of the failure and provide it to AppRiver for further assistance.

Congratulations!!! You have successfully granted AppRiver Delegated Admin permissions to your O365 tenant.

NOTE: If you need to remove AppRiver's Delegated Admin permissions for any reason please see the following article: Removing Delegated Admin Permissions for Office 365