Removing Delegated Admin Permissions for Office 365

O365 allows tenants to work with multiple CSP providers so it may be necessary to remove Delegated Admin permissions from your tenant at some point. The steps in this article will walk you through removing Delegated Admin permissions in your O365 Admin Center. NOTE: a CSP provider won't be able to access your tenant at all once their Delegated Admin permissions are removed so please use caution before proceeding with these steps.

1. Navigate to then enter your Global Admin user name in the Sign in window and click Next.

2. Enter your password in the Enter password window then click Sign in. If a "Stay signed in?" window appears click Yes or No based on your personal preference.

3.  On the O365 landing page click the Admin button.

4. In the O365 Admin Center click Show all then expand Settings and click Partner relationships.

5. In the Partner relationships area check the box for AppRiver then click Remove Delegated Admin in the AppRiver pop up window.

6.  In the Remove Delegate Admin from Partner window click Remove.

7. In the Remove Delegate Admin From Partner window you should now see a "Delegate admin removed successfully" message. Click Close to close the Remove Delegate Admin window.

8. In the Partner relationships window you'll notice that AppRiver is still listed even though the delegated admin permissions have been removed. This is expected behavior and the entry simply indicates that AppRiver has been a cloud solution provider for your O365 tenant in the past. Note: The remaining partner relationship entry can only be removed by the cloud solution provider. If you would like the AppRiver entry completely removed from your tenant please contact us for assistance.