Create Groups (distribution lists) in Office 365.

Admin Portal

Admin Portal

Login to Admin Portal with admin account.

Exchange Admin

Exchange Admin

Click the Admin drop down menu in upper right and click Exchange.

Exchange Admin Center

  1. Click groups from top menu.
  2. Click the + button and choose Distribution group.
  1. Enter Display name. This is what will be visible in address book.
  2. Enter Alias.
  3. Enter Email address.
  4. Edit Owners. Owners can edit groups from within Outlook.
  5. Add Members.
  6. Choose approval settings.

Click save when finished.

NOTE: To allow users outside of your domain you will need to edit delivery management in groups settings.

Group Settings

To edit the group settings double click the group.

Click on delivery management from the menu on the left and choose Senders inside and outside of my organization.