How to Sync Usage Location To O365 With AD Sync

1. In your local Active Directory open the Synchronization Rules Editor.

2. In the Synchronization Rules Editor click the direction drop-down then choose Outbound.

3. Select the "Out to AAD - User Join" rule then click Edit.

4. In the Edit Reserved Rule Confirmation window click No.

5. Click Transformations then find the rule with "usageLocation" as the Target Attribute. Under the FlowType column change Expression to Direct. Next under the Source column click the drop-down and choose the "c" attribute. Your rule should appear as follows if everything is set correctly. Once you confirm everything is correct click Save.

6. Click the X to close the Synchronization Rules Editor window.

7. You can now populate the "c" attribute with the country code for your users and that will sync to the Usage Location in Office 365.