Send as alias

Open account settings

Open account settings

Outlook 2007: Click Tools from top menu and select Account Settings.

Outlook 2010 & 2013: Click File in upper left, Click Account Settings and choose Account Settings.

Email Accounts

Email Accounts

Click New to add new email account.


Add Account

  1. Choose Manual setup click Next
  2. Choose POP or IMAP
  1. Enter your display name.
  2. Enter your alias address.
  3. Select POP3.
  4. Enter Incoming server:
  5. Enter Outgoing server:
  6. Enter your email address (This is the username you use to login to Outlook or Outlook Web Access)
  7. Enter your password.

Click More Settings..

Outgoing Server

Outgoing Server

Click the Outgoing Server tab and select the My Outgoing server (SMTP) Requires authentication check box.

Advanced Tab

Advanced Tab
  1. Choose TLS on Use the following type of encrypted connection.
  2. Change Outgoing port to 2525
  3. Uncheck remove from server after ...

Click OK when finished.

Click Next and Outlook will automatically check your settings.

The incoming server will fail. This is OK we do not want the incoming server to pull your messages down. Your primary account does that for you.

If your settings are correct you should get a green check on Send test email message.

Click Finish and click Close.

Disable incoming server

Since we are just sending emails we do not need to check the incoming server.

To access the server schedule settings:

Outlook 2007: Click Tools, Send/Receive and Send/Receive Settings

Outlook 2010 & 2013: Click Send/Receive tab, Send/Receive Groups and Define Send/Receive Groups

Double click on All Accounts.

Select your alias email account from menu on left. Uncheck Receive mail items. Click OK and then close when finished. You have successfully added your alias address.

New Email

When you compose new email you can select your alias address from the drop down menu.